Oh, hey.

I’m Natalie, a 16-year-old student & blogger living in Northern California. I’m a lover of skincare, iced coffee, and indie tunes with a specific passion for writing and sharing my thoughts & opinions with the world. Natalie Vinh was created in February of 2017 after a rough period in my life. I like to see my little space here as a metaphor of how light can come from darkness.

I tend to focus my writing on beauty-related topics such as makeup & skincare, but I also keep my blog as a place to chronicle and look back upon some of my favorite life moments. I could describe this website as a farrago – a medley and confused mixture of different items. And although my space may be confused and cluttered, its eccentricity mirrors my own. I’ve manifested my soul into a physical item; a readable, viewable website. It’s almost magic.

I thank you for taking the time to discover me today. I can only wish that you come to love Natalie Vinh as much as I have.

xx N